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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Temperature inversion...

Temperature inversion.

Is She there around,
hung as moisture in the air?
Is she suspended in that nothingness,
now only in the memory of
Him, the Emerald Leaf.
Or in His dream.
Years back she was real.

The Emerald leaf-
now cold,
now numb,
shivering in that long 
wintery night.

Is that her memory or her dream
who meets him
as moisture
every dawn,
hears the silence
of his words,
and becomes the dew drop?
Limpid, pure
radiant, smiling..

He calls her his dew drop.
She calls him her emerald leaf.

Temperature inversion...
Photograph source https://www.pinterest.com/pin/491525746809202908/


  1. This is so beautuful, honestly!

    1. Thank you.. The thought as it came made me realise one again that

      Are not the most beautiful things on this earth, the quietest..

      Keep talking😊

  2. to answer your question, when you know out of excitement plunging into deep waters can be fatal when you don’t know swimming why risk it though you are excited about surfing? Else someone will have to write, ‘years back she was real’ :D

    1. I like your super practical way of looking at things...

      but then, what will you tell your grandkids, when they ask you about those thrilling and exciting adventures of your life.. besides, to learn to swim you need to get into the waters first, isnt it?
      :) :)

  3. Long winter nights and temperature inversion! Wow mam! you inspire me with your perspective.This shows how you ingrained all GS concepts in your life!Hats off.