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Bagh-e-Bahisht Se Mujhe Hukam-e-Safar Diya Tha Kyun Kaar-e-Jahan Daraz Hai, Ab Mera Intezar Kar                      - Mohammad...

Thursday, April 29, 2010


You treated me as a 'toy'.
I let you play.
Because I loved the 'Child' in You.
And then,
You grew...
Into this 'wise man'...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

To 'My Institution' which lies disintegrated...

To My Abode...
Past some days had been rough, and very rough; strong enough to stir a person’s ideals. Sleepless nights, gasping voices, impeding efforts and hindrances, unanswered questions and incertitude, anger, rage and indignation… and five make ups too.. :)

I had known deception, false hopes, betrayal and untrust. I had seen people being carried away and taking wrong decisions. I had seen their guilt and unrest, but still making no effort to get rid of the same. I had also known those who still lived in their cosy world of false illusions and egoism. But what was making me mad with anger was that my institution of love and cooperation was disintegrating. Months back, there was this tiny crack in my abode, a crack through which I thought only a trickle of water can pass. I never had the slightest of idea that soon that trickle would bring down the whole structure and then no one would be able to control the forces of the current. The time is now. The place whose not one glance could I miss makes me feel suffocated today. The air in it seems to be charged with the cruel chill of helplessness, with the pitiless anger of egoism against the incompressible form of an intruding pain.

Applauds, praising tones, ovations, grotesque voices, ‘their’ blames and complains, those hateful glances, the trauma, the fatigue, the tormented weariness, the anger and fear of that struggle, those shadows unconquerable….. “Stop!’ I shouted in pain as the delirium broke off. I got up from my bed, still shivering and just ran out of my claustrophobic room.

I was at the passage following the corridor. Darkness oozed out from between the trees and buildings, through the tangled maze of creepers.

“Why this anger?” I asked myself.

“For whom? Those pitiable creatures who live in unbelief; to whom day is day and night is night; nothing more, nothing less; because they understand all things seen and despise all else! Let them live with their illusions. God Knows better. He’ll let them know one day. He has been with me all these days, turning out that disastrous night into one of the most mighty and miraculous nights of my life. He’s been with me all through my life, strengthening my ideals of love, faith and perseverance. Anger was never a part of them. Then why today???”

It was 2:00 am at night and I was standing at the open grilled passage following the corridor of my hostel. A blast of cold air rubbed my face, caressing my brown hair. A shaft of limpid moon beam darted into my body as though I were a bay caged between the summit of hills. The bright beam stirred the waters of my soul and I broke out as if by magic into a dazzling sparkle.

I thought of my wanderings all these past disturbing days, of that obscure odyssey of revenge and indignation, of all the people who like me wander among such illusions, faithful, faithless; of the illusions that give them joy, that give them sorrow, that give them pain, that give them peace; of these invincible illusions which drive them far away from what they were…

“This is not me…. This is not me….” I whispered to myself...

PS: My abode is still dear to me, as dear as it was 2 years back when it gave me shelter; even more. Feel sad to see whats happening round. But all we can do is play our parts, and play them selflessly... In the end, its between me and 'My Abode'....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Heart Leaps up...

My heart leaps up.

When I hold the sunshine in my palm;

and I touch the rain...

When I find a fainting robin;

build his nest again...

My heart leaps up.

When I see the 'child' in you.

Exuberant, happy and glee...

When you break the cage of illusions;

And set yourself free...

My heart leaps up.

When you press my hand with affection;

And tell me, 'We shall keep the ties..'

And hope dances in your eyes.

Like flickering fireflies...

My heart leaps up.

Leaps up to the scattered blues...

To your ever pervading hues...

I shall reach them.

Gather them.

Never let them fade away...

I know.

They shall illumine this world.

Some day.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Naxal pics and promotion video

promotion video:


Still remember. It was 12th march and aditi comes crying and hugs me and breaks into tears in the Gandhi audi.

"Ma'am, nothing's prepared. movie is also half made. ab kuch ni hoga..."

i embraced her tight. And saw the movie. Poor girl had worked overnight for it.....
And the rest is history...:)
read the post

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am.

not your love.
not the 'man' of your life.
Your words, your touch, your soul; do not belong to me.
But I
have been indited in You.
To imbue you with life.
To save you from sin.
To make you go on...

The sanctum of your sanguinity.
For you to recover your Faith.
Each time its stirred.

The conundrum you end up with.
Each time you talk to the mirror.
And you are not left 'unheard'.

vicissitude of your journey.
When God plays Dice.

And a battle inside is conquered.

the 'triumph' ensuing your unfailing effort.
Feeding your immaculate desire...
shall never let you down...
Your 'eye' meets your 'eye'...