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Friday, July 24, 2009

Those brown twinkling eyes...

With this post, I intend to discover the change that creeps in the vision of a child of seven to a young girl of nineteen. As a child, I always loved the night sky, and I would spend a lot of time observing it. And, though I love it still, but a change has crept in ‘the vision’ of my two brown twinkling eyes… and this change encompasses the truth that all elements of the universe have a common soul and are connected… happy reading…

Those brown twinkling eyes...

Those pair of brown twinkling eyes would observe daily, The vast sapphirine night sky. Without an inch of ennui or tedium, they surveyed it daily. They knew every change it made. They were aware of its ineffable hue, of the glimmer of the innumerable stars it held, of the gleam of the countless constellations and galaxies it possessed, they knew it all. There would be something in those eyes, I’ll like to mention. An innocence. An enchantment. A spark. A dream. But, something else too… something like clouds heavy with unshed rain, something so overwhelming, that it would overpower itself and make the lips cry aloud to the vast unsuggestive blue-

“You are so beautiful. I wish I was a part of your world!”Today, those eyes are twelve years older. But, they’re still brown. They still twinkle. They still have that enchantment and gleam, that spark, that dream. Just two days back, when I made a very crucial decision of my life, those two brown twinkling eyes took me, after a long time to the topfloor of my house; and I got reminded of those childhood days of mine.

I stood there holding the railing with my warm hands, gazing at the night sky. A blast of a strange neutral air blew towards the east; the east which harbours both day and night, light and dark, hope and despair. I had just taken a decision. And a big one. I was at peace now. The breeze blew swifter. My hair and the blue gown I was wearing drifted me ahead. I felt myself borne onward along a mighty current whose source seemed to be in the very beginning of things. I was flying. Flashed before those two brown twinkling eyes pictures of the past; when I had learnt to ride a bicycle, when I had scored a hundred in a subject for the first time, when I had sent a gift to a friend as an acquaintance so as to see her smile, when I was declared my school topper, the investiture ceremony, the shields… everything was as fresh before me as it was then, years back. My heart pounded with joy.

And then, as the breeze touched my ears, I heard a melody, a melody on the guitar… a memory brimmed those two brown eyes and they burned with tears. I was crying. Those tears trickled down to my palm, by and by, and in few moments my palm was full of drops of those crystalline tears. I saw a glitter on my palm. It was a glitter from my tears which shone brighter than the Sirius, The Ursa Major, The Orion. I was reminded of all the stars and constellations I had seen till now. There was a twinkle again in those wet brown eyes. And there was something else too; something so overwhelming, that it overpowered itself and made the lips cry aloud to the vast unsuggestive blue-

“ I am so beautiful. You are a part of my world.”

As I said this, I felt my heart shone, as now it contained the sky in it. The light inside me was more illumined than the limpid moonlight that shone on my body. It was richer, more solemn, more significant and holy.

I lifted my face up to see the enormous azure sky.

Those two brown twinkling eyes now contained him, The Sky.


  1. u knw..wid dese kind of post.....really..i dnt hv ny words to say..u knw..i hv never seen such kind of person..who is really so close to all the things around..end was fabulous..u came wid positive attitude..it was gr8 yar..
    so..it is simply the best..gr8 yar..just keep it up.

  2. awesum work dear....its nothng new wat u hav done....but still i need to say, mindblowing work yaar...keep up the gud work...

  3. :) is my reaction to the point of the post. After I first thought of it, you're the second one to make me remember it, after Einstein.

    There is a mystery... in "a memory".

    my favorite is the line which has "the east which harbors both day and night"

    As far as the writing skills and expression are concerned, you're above my comments.

  4. hey nice work... do stand by ur decision...i knw u will..n ya u knw abt al d constellations kya...i too want 2 knw how 2 identify dem...

  5. thanx sugar.
    n ya constellations!! not all... sab kuch toh kisi k bhi bare mein nahi jaan sakte na. par haan, jitna jana hai, bata dungi... :)

  6. bhut achi poetry hai tmhari.bhut ghrai hai tumhri soch main gud.i wnt to follow u.

  7. I was drowning as I was reading it...wow...it reminded me of my childhood days...stars, sky & a twinkling plane. It is deep as well, I could feel every inch!!