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Thursday, March 23, 2017

This silence needs a healing.

This silence rushes like water
- spills and spreads -
through all the paths, 
it carefully treads..
This silence meanders.
Boulders and cobbles and pebbles and clay
whirl through its dreams and fears.

This silence is a river,
Whom its own debris keeps peeling.
This silence needs 
- a healing -

This silence combusts like a flame,
burning red and orange and yellow and white.
This silence flickers.
It is shivering in its own light.

This silence is an ignited gas
trapped between
- concealing and revealing -
This silence needs
- a healing -

This silence is an aching bird,
who's wings are melting away.
Will the sky hold it?
The bird still breathes, it is still feeling.
This silence needs
- a healing -


  1. Insightful....
    it impacted both on "personal" and "aesthetic" levels.
    Anurag awasthi

  2. Silence runs in our soul...in the nerves...in the blood...through the oxygen...it carries the silence to our mind...comes out in the form of our words...flows out of us in the form of ink...through a pen...on the paper...inside a notebook...on a table....inside house...which sits out on the sea shore...all in silence watching shores all alone....in the silence!