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Friday, January 20, 2017

Have you tasted my poems?

Have you seen
- truth walk -
on these streets
wet with snow ?
I carry some of it in my eyes
wet with syllables
- unuttered -
- unaltered -
Have you seen it there
- reeking -
- peeking -
Beyond all perspective?

This wild
within me 
on my tongue.
Have you tasted my poems?

Photograph: clicked at kupwara, Kashmir, India.


  1. Hello ma'am, I am an aspirant and I have a query with respect to prelims (I didnot clear it in my 1st attempt in 2016)
    1. When you attempt it, do you do at first the ones you are absolutely sure of and then count how many, if less then another round, this time guesses, till you touch around 80 questions.... if not then how do you go about it...
    2. Normally one has to do intelligent guessing, so my query is you do it by eliminating two with surety and among the remaining 2 you tick onlu when you are more than 50%sure of one or you still donot touch the question or in the remaining 2 you tick even when you are 50:50 sure of any of the 2. Because in insights you said you attempted when you could eliminate even 2 and i get many wrong when i select even like this.

    I am sorry for the long post but really all of this are my doubts i am trying to clear and I needed some guidance.. thank you ma'am for providing this platform for lone wolfs like me...

  2. 1. Yes. This is exactly how i would go about it.
    2. I would try to attempt if i could eliminate two options. In some cases i wud be highly confused i wud leave, but in questions where i would strongly think this option must be correct i wud tick.
    I would suggest you to go through all past questions and prepare those themes v well.
    Best wishes.

  3. I've seen the truth in the eyes of truth walker,
    With the sparkling eyes carrying a lot of dreams and for others she is an inspiration...
    The poems she writes narrates every fable that describes her,
    VS writes these words for the sake of her inquisition...
    Wisdom is bleak and she is real motivation...