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Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'll go.

I came back.
Not because I wanted something from you.
But because of you.
I came back as the formless voice, 
not as a body.

I came back 
not because I was defeated and looked up to you for hope.
But to give you hope.
I came back as those peaceful words
not as a body.

I came back
not because I found you alone and hoped to offer company.
But because you were alone.
I came back as the tuneless music
not as a body.

Now that you want me to,
I'll go.

In prayerful silence.
I'll go 

I'll go,
as the formless voice,
as those peaceful words,
as the tuneless music.
I'll go.


  1. going going, where have you reached? there comes a time in life when we realize the other is less important!

    1. yes. In the end, we're on our own. still travelling. There is still a dream to be fulfilled. There is still work to be done. Efforts, yes, they are my own. And i'm counting on them.