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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What brings me to war... and wars kill..

What disturbs peace?
There is a question.
"What lies between the illusion you see
and the real, you know?

Whom to trust?

The star or its light?
The light can guide you in dark.
But the star can be an illusion,
lost in space light years back.

Whom to believe?

The train or its whistle?
The whistle you hear loud,
the train might not just stop at your station,
even if it does, it might not be 'your' train."

What you see
may exist
may not exist.

What exists,
you may see,
you may not see.

The more important question then is-
What you want to see existing
and why?

Practical wisdom says, if you don't have the answers,
draw back
before the dam bursts
and cause destruction.

If you have the answers, go on...

The question is:
Do I have the answers?

That disturbs peace.
That brings me to war.
And wars kill.

picture source http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ancient_Monument_TCG_by_Cynthie_Sheppard.png

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