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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I am the universe.

You cut the universe into pieces 
held them together
like dimensions
with threads of gravity.

You cut the universe into pieces,
and they accelerate apart irreversibly,
like time does on this planet I live in,
in this city.

You cut the universe into pieces.
Tell me,
Does it tear you apart?
Or does it pass through you unhindered 
like neutrinos?
Whichever way it may try to reach you
it just wishes to know you complete-
your being,
your form,
your expanse,
to whom or what you belong.

You cut the universe into pieces
And it filled itself with darkness and light,
matter and antimatter,
fullness and nothingness.
So that it could let you in 
and keep there, your being
in all your expanse,
in whatever form you exist
and wherever you belong.

I am the universe.
And I know, 
from the darkness out there
You see me.
And You see me, not like you know me.
You see me as you love me.
And here,
from my light
I find you.
And I find you not as I love you.
I find you as I feel you 
with all my senses
and beyond them.
picture source https://www.pinterest.com/pin/491525746808039100/


  1. I hope you can make the journey that takes you beyond your mortal senses as soon as possible and achieve the perfection every soul seeks.

    1. :) Ah gravity travel....
      whoa even that thought excites me:) thank you. wish u d same.

  2. why find me when i am a part of you
    why search for you when u belong to me