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Saturday, May 16, 2015

But I am 2

Yes, I smear.
on this same piece of paper 
again, like ink.
I am strewn.
But I am also the timeless, fathomless colouration
smeared into words with longing and love.

Yes I am scorched.
by these blazing scintillations
again, like a dry leaf.
I am burning.
But I am also the obscure-less, murk-less light
which shines every morning from your window.

And comprising the ink and the scorched leaf, 
I am not the ocean,
but this boundless, endless flood-the deluge, 
No, not this flood in your city;
But this flood each day inside you.
I rise inside.
I belong to no place, no one, 
but I am also yours.

गिरा हूँ स्याही सा,फिर आज कागज़ पे
मै बिखरा हूँ,हाँ पर रंग गहरा भी हूँ

झुलसा हूँ तिनके सा;फिर चिंगारियों में
मै जलता हूँ,हाँ पर मै उजेरा भी हूँ

मै सैलाब हूँ ये,समंदर नहीं हूँ
नहीं इस शहर में;तेरे अंदर कहीं हूँ 
मै उठता हूँ रोज़,
नहीं हूँ किसी का,हाँ पर तेरा भी हूँ 

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