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Friday, July 8, 2016

That innocence you think you lost.

" तेरी पलकों पे बैठा हुआ हूँ। 
तुझमें बचपन - सा रहता रहा हूँ। 
और तू पूछता है, कहाँ हूँ  ? "
If only you could take off your glasses,
You would find me flicker, dancing on your delicate eyelashes.
If only you could let go of those masks,
you would find me rise from inside you, from ashes.
Let me flicker, 
let me rise, 
let me dance.

P.S. - We seem to have lost it, dropped it somewhere. Stuck in hectic city lives, we  keep searching the premises of our own innocence, thinking that we left it back somewhere disowned, at some place..


  1. Curiosity! Try to find it :)

  2. I think we just have to find it in depth of night, in that silence between heartbeats....

  3. Love "let me flicker, let me rise, let me dance" -- captures the movement & joy, as well as the fleeting, yet eternal nature of childhood...Thanks for sharing.

  4. "If only you could let go of those masks" surely a line to ponder deeply

    much love...

    1. Yes. because we put so many o them that we forget our own true self.

  5. A wonderful invitation to be more attentive to life.

  6. To stop and pause. Listen. Embrace.

  7. Our innocence speaks if we just pause to listen..This is a beautiful piece of encouragement.

  8. I ain't metaphysical. I was & i'm always there.Just try to see.simply.

  9. Nice lines...thanks 4 sharing.
    Will u pls tell who had written these lines or u only?