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Monday, June 25, 2018


My words
run out of breath
of the silence of
- yellow afternoons -
spent with you
on pine roads
cutting through a mountain.

That day,

our silence
runs out of breath,
plant us
- as seeds -
on these pine roads.
Those that grow


  1. Oh! wow!!wouldn't it be amazing for those seeds to grow and flourish into wild trees and spread across the universe!Immortal love!

  2. Indeed! When the silence breaks,
    then those who grow in the wild will be offered a life.

    Indeed! our words will run out of breath for those -yellow afternoons- which offered us chance to breath and get drunk with a cup full of love and a toast full of life.

    Indeed! the immortal love remains forever like a pearl in the ocean and for what remains is
    -our stories etched on these pines to remind us our stories in another life-


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  4. पता नही कहाँ से आज आपका ब्लॉग और फेसबुक पर मैं पहुच गया....सच अपने आप मे लग रहा है जैसे हिप्नोटाइज़ हो गया हूं...बस पढ़ता जाऊ आपको बस पढ़ता जाऊ.... गजल जी आप एक व्यक्तित्व नही बल्कि अस्सीम समुन्दर हो...मिलना पड़ेगा आप जैसे व्यक्तित्व से ...