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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Because I had been searching.

"मैंने ढूंढा है, हाँ तुझको ; सारे जग में , सबमें , मुझमें 
पल-पल , दिन- दिन , हफ़्तों-हफ़्तों , सालों- सालों 
...................... सदियाँ -सदियाँ।  
 कोई खोया-सा बच्चा जैसे; हो ढूंढ रहा इस सागर में 
तत्पर-तत्पर , बेचैन- बेचैन ,बिस्मिल-बिस्मिल, बेकल- बेकल 
 ......................अपनी परियाँ।  "

Photograph: taken at Bangaram island, Lakshadweep, India
बिस्मिल - wounded
बेकल - distraught
तत्पर- ready, ripe


  1. ठोकर किसी पत्थर से अगर खाई है मैं ने
    मंज़िल का निशाँ भी उसी पत्थर से मिला है,
    उदासियों की वजह तो बहुत है जिंदगी में,
    पर बेवजह खुश रहने की बात ही कुछ और है...!!

  2. Dhundha tha use galiyan-galiyan
    Jise dhundh raha mila wo har pal dariya....
    Wo hai shokh haseen gumsum nadaan
    Rahe khoya sa apni duniya....
    Masum sa dilkash chehra wo jaise shaayar ki ghazal me ho pariyaan!


  3. तूने हँसने का हुनर जिस किसी से सीखा है,
    जाने कितने ही गम वो सब से छिपाता होगा।

  4. हँसने का हुनर – means – An art to console others, in order to uplift them even if, on ground position we are not in a state to do so due to different circumstances.

    जिस किसी से सीखा है – means – Our own inner self that has gone by so much within us, to become capable to teach this art to console.

    जाने कितने ही गम वो सब से छिपाता होगा – means – That inner self was able to teach us this art because it has tasted numerous flavors of Life at different times that it can clearly understand the importance for someone to adopt this art to console.

    1. Note: This explanation and the attached original Quotation, was a reply for its above comment writing, the main word to be emphasized on, in this Quotation was "तूने".

  5. Note/Disclaimer: Hindi Quotations mentioned above - "ठोकर ...", "तूने हँसने ..." are taken from the Internet and just form a part of a collection, due to their literary value, but explanatory views on these Quotations are purely personal.

    1. Though the quotation in itself is beautiful, it is the explanation which makes the whole experience of it more beautiful. So thank you Miss/Mr anonymous.

  6. keep writing ma'am.
    your words are silver lining in thunderous dark clouds...