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Friday, July 1, 2016

The unfinished stories we encounter...

... like a hundred lights dancing on his lashes
had a hundred stories to tell,
with a hundred pauses flickering
between his light and his darkness
I wondered where that 'real him' dwelled.
And I could not tell
which light was his true light
That story I happened to collide with that eve
remains an unfinished painting till this night.

तू क्या हारकर, जीतने को चला है?
तू  क्या जीत कर, आज फिर लड़ रहा है?

  - तेरी जीत क्या है?  -
  - तेरी हार क्या है?  -
तेरी कोशिशों का
तेरी बंदिशों का
तेरे फैसलों का
तेरे हौंसलो का
  - आधार क्या है? -


  1. speechless.... as the words seems to be taken from my own recent exp.

    1. Thank you. Yes we all can relate to them. Because we all encounter these stories each day.. Some o them get connected to ours, others remain similar to ours, still others indifferent.

  2. speechless.... as the words seems to be taken from my own recent exp.

  3. Mam,
    Please pen down the strategy for interview as promised by you on your blog. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Did not forget. Will do that soon. :)

    2. Thank you so much mam. Indeed i have made it to the list this time, although with a low rank. Interview marks delayed the desired post for me, so i am very keen towards the interview strategy as you have scored really very high in the interview. Thanking You.

    3. Congrats. And my best wishes for this year. I am penning it down. Will share v soon.

  4. the unfinished story seems very much alike;] some events and particular phase of life sometimes we cant get an answer y

    1. Sometimes our questions are more powerful than the answers they seek. Keep talking.

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