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Friday, July 24, 2015

The lighted cities..

You know what this is?
This is Me. This is You.
And the cities we built here.
photograph borrowed from https://in.pinterest.com/pin/37999190583207122/


  1. entangled...or maybe it cudn't be clearer

  2. Ha, ha,ha, Surely this is you,me and the cities we built here.

    Yes, one day we will all vanish and will be visible no more. All our egos, all our pride, all our achievements will become ashes and dust and will fade int the memory of people. What happened to Indus Valley Civilization, what about Mesopotamia, what happened to the Romans, what about Alexander the Great. All vanished and become dark prints in the history books.

    You,me and the cities we built will become invisible one day.

    So enjoy the present, my friend and be happy.

    Best wishes

    1. well elaborated sir. though i think that just like the IVC cities decayed, but their beliefs went on to live in various forms, whethet in worshipping tree spirits or the Protoshiva...They evolved...
      So, these cities we built here, might decay one day. But that passion, that madness and those dreams.... they will live on... evolve, but survive:)