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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mankind's experiments with fire...

One day they struck together two wild stones.
Fire, they invented. 
Or discovered it may be.

Then, one day, they called it sacred.
And performed yajnas, 
from birth to marriage to death to eternity.

Then,they began,to burn in it a fellow species.
Fire, they claimed,
would lead to heaven,both the dead and the 'sati'.

Today,they know fire.
A chemical reaction producing smoke.
and warming up the globe.

Whether with firearms,
which kids in our cities play with.
or those by militants and armies,in a Ukraine, Syria, Mosul or Tikrit.

On this warming up globe,
In this world on fire,raging red.
We're all getting colder,
with indifference or hatred.

As I shiver again, another cold night,
on this warming up globe,
and with every sound of the gun.

I think of, the fire
You once lit up on my forehead, one evening
when you drew up on it, the sun.

Which fire lives forever,
and which perishes with this globe and me.
Is for mankind to see.
So, You want which one?


  1. Interesting! At first, it seemed like the evolution of fire! Then it became something more!

  2. we sing of a life full of joys
    and wandering through places
    could it be that we hate
    how we chose to win races?

    in making everyone around us proud
    and pleasing those who matter
    have we forgotten the real lessons
    and to make this world better.

    a world where only the end matters
    and not the journey that teaches
    friendship, love and selfless acts
    are found only in speeches.

    following thoughtless laws and ideas
    people are immersed in the world
    while they can be floating on it
    like a bubble unattached in dreamworld.

    1. I really liked these lines. beautifully written.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. your poem inspired this....your writing has depth, i hope the poet is utilising the time before mussorie takes over...