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Saturday, September 25, 2010

To complete YOU.

I shall never wish to keep You away from Your spirit, Your freedom.
Not even if I suffer each day from the fear of losing You.
When I see You free, chasing your spirit.
When I see You dream and stand by your convictions;
I find You complete.

And I wish to complete You.


  1. A Strength which gives u support at bad times....

  2. This is what any lover could ask for. Nice feelings...

  3. Sorry Gazal but last line.. I am a bit uncomfortable..if you find him complete then where is the question of a wish, girl.. perhaps you want to say.. And that's how I always want you to be.. But a beautiful write anyway..

    And I liked the thought from Illusions..you seem to be a fan of Richard Bach.. is it?

  4. OMG.. you are chasing a dreamer.

  5. yeah..i think only this can be called as true love....

  6. @Rameshji. Oh I dont know Richard batch... but its a famous quote.... all that glitters... had jus got reminded o it as i read ur post..

  7. An unconditional love and the real essence of love.............your every word says it:)