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Sunday, September 12, 2010

On my 21st Bday.

September 11, 2010.
I turn 21. This makes me a big girl.:)
My last birth day at pantnagar. With these 'friends' whom I met as strangers 3 years back, and who gave me some of the most astonishing and memorable moments of my life.
Life's pretty stable for a change. And I shall cherish this birthday forever...
And I pray for the coming birthdays too, 'moments' to cherish, 'moments' to live...
Moments come, moments depart.
Moments leave 'memories' in the Heart.
Memories sweet, Memories sour.
Memories every second, every hour...
Today We're here; Tomorrow far...
But Feelings remain as they are...
And Feelings shall remain as they are...

Cheers to these moments and memories You bestowed on Me Lord.


  1. Hey a very happy B'day to you :) May God bless you with loads of success,health and happiness!Take care.

  2. Indeed a Very Happy Bday to You..

  3. Hey Happy Birth Day Gazal
    May not just your birth days but each and every day/ moment of your life be as lovable, memorable as your birth day.
    Take care Big Girl..

  4. God bless you with all that you desire.. and desire good always you, Gazal..!May life be a continuum of happier experiences..

    Thanks for visiting my page and your wonderful comments..

  5. Happy B'Day to you Gazal!

    Keep rocking as you have been all these years and you'll never grow older.
    Oh and I guess you are in third year B Tech., enjoy life, the best is yet to come.

  6. heya belated happy birthday....have a great life ahead...stay happy ...stay blessed!

  7. hey just discovered ur blog....first of all belated happy birthday...god bless u...and congrats for such wonderful blog...keep writing...

  8. Hello :)

    Happy birthday to you. I am Ariesa. Just want to thank you for visiting my blog.

    Enjoy writing sis. Writing takes you everywhere.