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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have seen 'Them' playing with words.
I can play with words too.
But what the eyes have seen in these eyes.
Is true.
And shall remain here forever...
And what the heart has listened in this silence.
Is true.
And shall remain here forever...

I had needed in You.
A Friend, Philosopher and Guide.
But in You.
I found.
A Mirror.
I meet Me all over again.
Each day.
When I meet You.

And each day when I meet the mirror.
I meet You all over again...


  1. You are your best friend and no one understands you better than yourself! Nice poem :)

  2. Good Gazal..pretty deep this, somehow..won't be able to take just like it.. I think it is perhaps deeper than what one might think.. I wrote somewhere.. years of togetherness, and I still find you searching for your reflection in my face.. well, it's the ultimate..

    Do visit my 100th post.. today put my 101st..

  3. aaine ko aaine me niharte hai
    aaine ko aaine mai pukarte hai
    aankho se ansu gira moti hai
    hilti dulti zindgi ki kasauti hai....

  4. @Karan Yupp. I agree. I definitely understand myself best. The poem says The mirror shows me each day who I am. It makes me aware of my existence through its existence... and a lot more...:)

    @Rameshji Thanku Sir. I'll visit ur posr shortly.:)

  5. @ Anuradha these lines remind me o dat day jab hum mandir gaye the and kept sitting there and me humming this song... 'aaine me meri har din ki mulaqat the tum. dil me dhadkan ki tarah. tan me jeevan ki tarah. mere ambar, mere mausam, mere din raat the tum... jab nahin aaye the tum...'
    hain na....

  6. Beautiful,
    they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the gazer. Beautiful threading of words.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. A soft poem!!! Speaking more than the words themselved. Loved it

  8. I liked it, beautiful penning.
    Keep it up.

  9. deep thoughts ur mind creeps,
    reflects ur poetry whenevr i read.

    nice reflection..........

  10. Mirrors lie at times, so be careful :)

    Lovely lines Gazal!

  11. @Sourav
    Mirrors show You who You are...
    Its We who create illusions.

  12. Beautiful poem ... I know the essence of such relationships .. its a wonderful experience to be be with such a companion :)