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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Feel like reviving some of my favourite posts today. Not because I don't have anything fresh to write, but because I feel like diving back into the pool of memories when I wrote these...

Wrote this after my eye surgery. To share my insides which came up as sketches, I drew. This post had a lot of post effects. Learnt a lot.:)

I am.
One of my favourite poems. Another Hansraj Sir class creation.

You and me are free to be YOU and ME.
Came just after Colors. Itr had to come. I could not take in more.

If my journey deprives Me of my abode, I have no regrets.
My first post! Very special.

Those Two brown Twinkling eyes.
Do read this if you believe in dreams and innocence. And if you wish to chase your dreams. One of my favourites.

Short. Yet important.

The empty Street.
One of my favourite short stories. based on sumthn which actually happened to me.

special post:
From the Director's desk.
My post 'NAXAL' Love survives experience.


  1. Nice Blogging...
    With All Best Wishes...

  2. well, i always believe that it is very difficult to write without any inspiration(for me, it is impossible)..well, ur articles,poems all are really amazing nd seriously, its getting better nd better nd all these came wid the tyme..u knw, ur blog really brought some interest for literature in many peoples(m also one o dem)..so alwys keep the spirit alive..:)