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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Law of sacrifice.

You Sacrificed your 'Self' for Her to be happy; and turned out to be her happiness.

She is happy. Thanks to You.

You suffer still...

And You still call yourself 'Selfish'?

There's a difference between bieng in a relationship;

and bieng in Love.

She chose the former. God Bless Her.

You chose to be in Love. God Bless You more.

For You were not selfish...



  1. Thanks that was a wonderful reply. There is nothing wrong in being selfish though.

  2. And wat makes u think dres nothing wrong in bieng selfish?

  3. Wonderful lines, Gazal. I appreciate.
    And well said. There is of course difference b/w being in relationship and being in love.

  4. simple and impressive...
    was able to convey the intended thought nicely...

  5. well, i am not able to understand exact meaning of it..because all these are quite above than my level of understanding..but was really nice to read this..faadu:)

  6. People ask, why didn't he come back when he had realised that he has done the wrong thing and you were right, all I can say is, sometimes its easy to forgive others for being wrong rather than for being right !!