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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Historical Day...

Last time I was there;
Wanting to do the impossible.
Wanting to hold 'Sand' in my hand.
I knew;
It shall trickle away...
And today, my palm is empty.
Only some marks remain.

But I'll be there today.
Once again.
To face the irony.
To ask myself once again.
If the sand was at fault, or Me...


  1. well, these days we are getting your poems quite frequently..and the best part is about this is that each and every poem is just a terrific one..this poem is very good to read..and carries a heart touching message too..seriously you are among those 2 to 3 people whose poems i love to read and wait for the next one..keep it up.:)

  2. gzl water content increase karney sey thodi sand pakdi jaa sakti hai.... ha ha ha sry for humor .....

    nice poem yar... kash meri imagination bhi itni grtt hotii

  3. anyone who tries holding the sand knows that it will slip away.. but i ignored