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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The earth knows you.

"Beware of people with no backbone, 
but never be scared of them. 
When they fall, 
the ground shall hear 
no fracture, no sound, no impact. 
But you, 
when you fall, 
make sure the ground remembers you 
not just for the dent you make there, 
but for having risen up 
every time 
with that straight and iron back."


  1. This creation of yours is coming at an important turning point in the life of that beast. Who stays in the wild.....he is down to his knees. Something shook his world off and his falling on the ground left dents and scars which time cannot fill. The beast in itself is unaware....if he's spineless monster? or if his spine is made of titanium?


    1. Or if he can get up now and give an answer itself, what he would want to be.

    2. Deal with Love, it's one of the best method to change the people(wild/monster), explored by the Chankya....Cursing, abusing to him is not suit to ur dignity DEVI JI!!!...LOG MAAR SE NHI, PYAR SE MARTE HAIN.

    3. Hahaha. This was no curse. This was pity.

    4. Pitty nhi Love...I hope you will understand... Samajhdaar ko ishara kaafi hota h.....

    5. Your tone implies he should opt for the second option Miss Independent!

      And I'm getting a little disoriented with your advice in the middle of a conversation Mr.Anonymous. You might be feeling like yaha linebazi chal rhi hai. Aisa kuch nhi hai anonymous mahaashay......I'm not very much interested in both of your advices....be it pyaar or maar. Neither am I interested in loving anyone. It's just an advice which a poet seeks from a poet. I hope you would not walk in the matters of other people Mr. Anonymous! Anyways.. why am I explaining this to you. I don't think you are in anyway able to comprehend these things.


    6. Sorry Dost...Agar aapka dil dukhaya ho hmne....

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  2. I like introduction part of your blog the most. ''The abode''

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