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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Somewhere in these hills.

Don't go tonight.
I only want to give you back
what you gave me that day.
A little of my love.
A little more of my truth.
And all of my light.

Just don't go tonight.


  1. Mam your writing outstanding specially the way you translate Urdu in English. I'm big fan of you.

    1. Thank you. No translations though. Learning Urdu. So trying to experiment. :)

  2. just for this one day I'll be there. Let me take the road which led me away, I can't give up, I'll be back on the same road. Let me own a light like you own today.

    1. I had no control on either the road you left or the road for which you left. You my dear have control over all the roads you leave or choose. But choose wisely. Because some roads cross and give us a second chance, but some do not. And we all have in us, light. It is our own. We have always owned it. Just that one day the world begins to see it shine.