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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


In a turbulent universe.

Yes, you are tired.
But, no matter how much you crib, 
you cry, you ache, you pine.

its only between
shrinking under your own gravity,
and exploding out of it,
that you shine.

If you are a star,
maintain that equilibrium.

And it'll all be fine.


  1. Haha! This is so cocky! And good, this is goood! :D
    Equilibrium is one of my favorite ideas to contemplate. Lately, i've started thinking that it is an inherent quality of existence, i.e., if something is then it is in equilibrium. There is no lesson to learn about it, no shoulds and shouldn'ts. It's our nature. :)

  2. Touche.
    If you maintain that equilibrium, you will be a star.

    Nicely penned.

  3. Its tough to be in a balanced state every time though but if one attains it, nothing like that!

  4. ma'am apne preparation kaise ki.. apna tym table share kijiye.