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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just visited The Harmandir Saheb or The Golden Temple and I really need to write this post. Situated in the middle of a wide lake which serves as an abode of innumerous fauna of fish, this radiant structure of gold is visited by thousands of pilgrims almost daily.
As I was walking on the burning marble leading to the temple, there was something in the air of this place which soothed the unrest accumulating inside me from months and stirred the most indistinct and the most intimate of my thoughts-

What makes human beings so insistent?
What causes them work so hard at building a small temple at such a remote spot?
What causes them to put their life at stake for its protection and functioning?
What makes people visit this place again and again without bothering any of the four dimensions of space?

I looked at a couple in front of me with a newly born baby in the gentleman’s hand, while standing in the queue for entry in the temple.
What had brought them here in this scorching heat?
What had brought me there?

These lines by P. Coelho, from my favorite novel echoed in my ears-
“The Buddhists were right, the Hindus were right, The Muslims were right and so were the Jews. Whenever someone follows the path to Faith and sincerely follows it, he or she is able unite with God and experience miracles.”

I entered the temple. The august carvings of Gold and the sacred ambience of the place left me dumbfounded. I bowed and then climbed upstairs. The view of the lake from the upper floor was magical. I entered the shrine and bowed again. As I lifted my covered head, I felt as if some unknown hallowed power had gripped my soul. I felt pushed towards the wall. I felt as if He lifted my body from the floor and took my head in His hands. SANS SIGHT. SANS SOUND. SANS TOUCH. SANS EVERY THING BUT THAT FLEETING AND POWERFUL MOMENT.
Two big tears rolled out of my eyes on my burning cheeks and I whispered-
I opened my eyes. Everything was as before; sound, vision, touch, everything. The moment had passed. The miracle had occurred and I had understood. I was still shivering.
I covered my head with my dupatta which had fallen down and departed from that abode of aurum.
As we were leaving for Langar, my friend, who had accompanied me in this pilgrimage, asked me-
“So, how did you like the place Gazal?”
I paused for a moment and then looked at her-
“Some places are like that. They can suffer through wars, persecutions and indifference, but they still remain sacred.”



  1. Its beautiful dear...i luv goin through wat u rite

  2. phenomenal piece of wrk.... u r realy d lady shakespeare f our collg :)

  3. its a lovely piece di...i luvd reading it...
    gr8 job...